Prototype and Production CNC Machining and Wire EDM, Assembly, & Laser Marking

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Who We Are

We have over 40 years of experience in diverse manufacturing and are a woman-owned business. Our trained and skilled management team, engineers, programmers, machinists & hand-finishers employ the Kaizen methodology of continuous improvement in all business processes to reduce and eliminate waste.

What We Do

We provide engineering support, prototype, production and contract machining of high-precision and tight-tolerance machined components, assemblies, castings and forgings for a variety of industries.

Who We Serve & Support

We service the aeronautics, aerospace, medical, semi-conductor and commercial industries. We provide support to your engineers and design team, resulting in attainable and efficient manufacturing of your commodities.

Why We Are Your Solution

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and solving your supply chain demands through superior quality and on-time delivery in a lean environment, the first time, every time.

We Are Lean Manufacturing

We utilize state of the art machinery, technology, ERP and CAD/CAM systems. Our multi-axis machinery allows us to realize improved efficiency by reducing setups and unnecessary machining operations. We use standardized tooling and group parts of similar features within our cells to further reduce setup times. Unattended machining affords us the ability to reduce costs and is a testament to the solidity of our engineering and manufacturing approach. We import 3D files directly into our CAD/CAM and CMM software which decreases our programming times and facilitates engineering, design and inspection. Our CMM inspection software allows us to export and populate AS9102 reports with dimensional characteristics, reducing time, guaranteeing accuracy and eliminating potential typographical errors. Lean Manufacturing is an ongoing process that is vital to the future of successful manufacturing.

Contact Information

Get in touch for information about our company & services. Download our informational PDF. (661) 702-9400


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