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CMM, Romer Arm & Inspection Tools


Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage 7107 (2015)

S/N 1214-1409

Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage 555 (2015)

S/N 0715-1044

Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage 555 (2016)

S/N 0116-1003

Romer Arm

Hexagon Romer Arm (2019)

S/N 8525-7-9100-UC

Hexagon Romer Arm (2019)

S/N 8525-7-9102-UC

Inspection Tools

Deltronic DH 216 Comparator (2015)

Heidenhain Quadra-Chek Control

S/N 314118641

Mitotoyo PH-A14 Comparator (2015)

Mitutoyo KA Counter DRO

S/N 115081411

TESA Height Gauge

These TESA-HITE 400 and 700 height gauges are fitted with the patented, optoelectronic TESA’s measuring system with incremental glass scale. Due to their robust and reliable construction, they are ideally suited for dimensional inspection on the shop floor

Full autonomy is ensured through battery power. Each model allows height or step dimensions, diameters, centre-to-centre distances, groove width and the like to be accurately measured. Excellent price/performance ratio.

Control panel with numerical display to 0.00001 / 0.0001 / 0.001 in

Dynamic probing of the workpiece with a constant measuring force

Easiness, high reliability when checking bored or shafts using TESA’s unique device for automatic detection of the culmination point—patented

Acoustic signal to acknowledge value capture, also conveniently programmable

Ability to measure any deviation in parallelism

Possible use of a digital sensor for determining perpendicularity errors with stated angle of the linear regression line

TESA-HITE GAUGES 400/16″ and 700/28″ (2015/2019)

S/N 6X 0439
S/N 6Z 0309
S/N 9M1215 01

Mitutoyo SJ-411 Surface Roughness Tester

S/N 000291204

Mitutoyo SJ-411 Surface Roughness Tester

S/N 000511704

Mitotoyo SJ-210 Profilometer

Portable Surface Roughness Tester

S/N 311621407

Mitutoyo HR-200 Rockwell Hardness Tester

S/N 01001403